Why should you contact me?

  • Initial consultations are free, and I don't charge a dime unless you recover.
  • In a typical workers' compensation case, everybody you deal with (from the employer to the insurance company) has experienced representatives.  You should too!
  • I focus on Workers' Compensation.  It's not a side issue in my practice.  It is my primary focus and passion.
  • Because of my experience and focus on work-related injuries, I have developed the experience, knowledge, and tactics to fight for a just recovery for my clients.  
  • I often receive referrals from people I've helped in the past.  That says a lot.  People refer their friends to attorneys they trust. 
  • I am the attorney working your file.  Once you become a client, I do not turn your case over to someone else you've never met.   Instead, the person you meet with on day one (me) is the attorney speaking on your behalf. 

  For a free consultation, just fill in the form and included information about your claim.  I will be happy to respond promptly. 

You can also call me at 251-706-2106.  Just leave your name, number, and the reason for your call.

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